About Utila
Utila is the pearl  of the three islands that together make up the Bay Islands of Honduras. It is the closest in
proximity to Honduras and is located approximately 18 miles from the coast. Utila can either be reached by air or
sea.  The ferry makes two trips a day, weather permitting, and leaves La Ceiba at 9:30am and again at 4:00pm for
Utila.  Air service is availables via Sosa Airlines. Check your travel agent or the airlines for specific schedules.  
There are also
several travel agencies on the island you can use to arrange and purchase any tickets to your
international destinations. We recomend Morga's travel.
Utila has many attractions for anyone looking a peaceful getaway from the pace of the 9 to 5 lifestyle.  Utila has
wonderful dive sites, and great prices for all dive courses.  Also famous for its whale shark diving,
Reefs and
swimming and just hanging out at the beach. Utila also has some of the best cuisine available in the Caribbean.
Night life is just what you would expect from a blend of tourist and some locals. In other words, Lots of fun.
Transportation around the island is simple, you can walk if you prefer
, but there are also bicycle,Scooter and Golf
Cart Rentals on the Island.

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